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Our Hardwired Gift and the Science Behind It ~

     Awareness is that hardwired gift that may cause us to: frown when we see another frown, find food when our stomach growls, smile at a baby, or hold the door open for another. You may or may not remember telling yourself to do these things, you just did it, because on some level you were aware, which led to your response.  Intentionally practicing mindfulness allows us to tune into varying depths of our awareness, beyond those that are on automatic pilot.  This deeper level of awareness gives us the felixibility and buoyance to self correct, helping us to  better serve and navigate ourselves, and our community. 

      Just as a plant is hardwired to grow, given proper sun and light, we are wired to grow and thrive as well.  Did you or your caregivers select the day of your first real steps?  They were surely the sun and light that fed your efforts, but, when your developing brain and body were ready, you did the work, with awareness only of your efforts, not yourself. Along with this beautiful innate drive of ours to thrive, we also have an instinctual desire to protect our brood, and this includes ourselves. Brain studies show positive emotions, like compassion, and the act of helping another, triggers the brain’s pleasure center and benefits our health by boosting our immune system, reducing our heart rate, and preparing us to approach and soothe. 

     Our brain and body already have this magnificent, and efficient hardwired dialogue enabling them to regulate and maintain our internal homoeostasis, (keeping us alive), or bliss (feeling alive)!!!! Intentionally practicing mindfulness rewires, or strengthens, our positive neural circuitry pathways, and optimizes the brain's dialogue between our thinking and feeling systems, creating an "approach and soothe" state towards ourselves and other, even in times of stress. Helping us to find that "sweet spot" of well-being.  Pairing our innate drive to thrive with a deep awareness, gives us an assertive, yet calm sense within ourselves and among our community because it feels familiar and authentic:)  




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